Apparently, Alice is like the Antagonist in the game with her companions Charles and Renton. She is the Ceo of a company named "Funland Company". After a few days (in-game time) playing, they show up in the Player's farm. She will tell him to pack his things and leave the valley and explains why. The player then refuses then she will get mad. After that, she will leave the farm. In the second encounter, she will check back if the player has already left. She then will be surprised when the player comes out of the house. She will ask why he is still there angrily. She tells the player that if he is really willing to save the village, he will have to save up 50,000g in 2 years. Her two companions Charles and Renton will then try to convince the player in a mockingly manner. But still the player refuses to.

Character Profile:

Birthday: Spring 5

Height: 5'5"

Likes: Jewels, Accessories

Weight: 119lbs

Dislikes: Grass, Bad cooking

Description: Ceo of the Funland Company. She may be young, but she's quite capable. Her only flaw is her quick temper.

Heart events:


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