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  • She works as a fortune teller and tries to make predictions come true with your help. She and her mother, Natalie do not get along as her mother does not approve of her being a forune teller. Her brother, Ray is constantly trying to solve their problems by calming them down or asking you to help. She can tell you the location of a character, change the weather for the next day and tell love fortunes (This tells you how well you are doing with the girls). Do not even bother trying to give her any gifts as the only way to get her heart is to ask her to do readings. But feel free if you're trying to get her friendship. She does not marry anyone in the second generation.
  • Birthday: Summer 28
  • Birthday Gift: Emerald Ring
  • Likes: Diamond, Pumpkin Pudding, Strawberry
  • DIslikes: Spinach
  • Proposal Item: Crystal Ball
  • Rival: None
  • Default Marriage: None

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