Loves: Cake, Wild Grapes, Summer Fruit, Mushroom, Fish, Turnips, Potatoes, Tomatoes, Corn, Moon Flower, Eggs
Likes: Flowers
Disilkes: Weeds
Hates: Poisonous Mushrooms

Ann is one of the eligible bachelorettes of Harvest Moon. She lives in the Tool Shop with her father.

Ann's PersonalityEdit

She is considered a tomboy, and her main hobby is inventing. 

Ann's ScheduleEdit

Monday to Friday: In the Tool Shop.

Saturday: Outside of the Tool Shop.

Sunday: In the Church.

Star Festival Day: At the Spa.

After Marriage: Working in your tool shed.

Ann's Heart EventEdit

One morning, Ann will arrive at your farm and ask whether you've seen her weather cock or not. She mentions that it's important, and returns home. If you check the chicken coop, you will find it. Picking up the weather cock will instantly cause you to return it to Ann, receiving you a kiss. The day will come to an immediate end.