Here is a list of Bachelorettes in Harvest Moon: Animal Parade!


The kind, soft spoken young woman from Marimba Farm is an amazing cook. Anissa is so skilled at medicine making that she sells her products to the Clinic; thus she is a special interest of the clinic doctor Jin. She's always interested in herbs for medicine, and likes a nice glass of juice for health.


Kathy's an active, athletic woman who loves riding horses. Daughter of Hayden, the bar owner, she dreams of winning the animal race. She loves any cheese-based dishes, but hates anything with mushrooms.


Candace is the shy, softspoken granddaughter of Shelly, the tailor owner. Her more bold little sister Luna often bosses her around. At first, her conversations are halting and hesitant, but she gains confidence as she gets to know you. Her expertise is making clothing and material; she loves tea, silk and peanuts. But she hates cocktails.

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