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( I got info and pics from neo, I have other pics but dont know how to add them)


[hide]*1 Cam


Cam is a talented florist. Hes shy but dreams of winning the grand Flower arrangement. He has a side that likes cats. He lives in Bluebell village.


Added by Mai Is Me


Hes your farming rival! He has a little sister named Cheryl and a mother named Jessica. He's kind towards women and children and because he thinks that men are saposed to look after the weak. He lives in Bluebell.


Hes physical and loves horses. He has a staight forward personality. He lovesthe things he likes and dosnt care for anything else. His love for horses started at a young age. Hes from Konohana


Hes a Klutz and dreams of one day becoming a doctor. He is interested in other cultures. Hes from Konohana


Dirk is a bachelor from Harvest Moon Grand Bazaar. He wears the same type of clothes but looks older. I'm not sure if he acts the same as the last game or which village he lives in.


Michael is from another village. He is kind and easy going but seems to have another side to him. He hates it when people try to find out information about him.

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