Here you can find information about seeds in Harvest Moon (SNES). There aren't many, considering this is the very first game of the series ever made. Also, there aren't any seeds for fall season.

Spring CropsEdit

Picture (stages) Name Seed Price Sell Price Peddler


Days to Grow Days to Regrow
Turnip snes Turnip 200G 60G 120G 4 does not re-grow
Potato snes Potato 200G 80G 160G 6 does not re-grow

Summer CropsEdit

Picture (stages) Name Seed Price Sell Price Peddler Price Days to Grow Days to Regrow
Tomato snes
Tomato 300G 100G 200G 7 3
Corn snes
Corn 300G 120G 240G 11 3


Picture Seed Price Grow Season Days to Grow Days to Regrow
 Grass snes 500G spring to fall 9 7

Planting StrategiesEdit

In Harvest Moon (SNES), there are disadvantages to planting seeds in a 3x3 square. Once a plant sprouts, you will no longer be able to step over that square. Following the typical 3x3 square, there are formations listed to maximize profit without losing the opportunity to water a square with a seed.

Normal 3x3 SquareEdit

Planting 3x3 snes

The most common mistake new older-Harvest Moon players make is planting their crops in this formation. Like this, once the crops sprout, you will no longer be able to reach the middle square to water or harvest the middle crop along with the outside ones.

Optimal Planting FormationsEdit

Planting 8tiles snes

8 / 9 Squares Planted
One of the squares is left untilled, preventing a seed from being planted there. This is the most profitable way to plant crops as it allows you to reach all of the crops to water and harvest.

Planting 8alt snes

8 / 9 Alternative
This is an alternative take on the above strategy. You can leave the middle square untilled so you won't have to worry about the center square at all.

Nonoptimal Planting FormationsEdit

These strategies aren't as profitable as the last two, but can still be used.

Planting 7tiles snes

7 / 9 Squares Planted
While allowing you to reach all of the crops, this strategy takes away two plants instead of one, leaving you with less overall profit. This formation does allow you have access to the center location which will allow you to water all the crops with a single use of the sprinkler tool.

Planting 6tiles snes

6 / 9 Squares Planted
With this, you can make rows or columns and just go down the line watering the crops on either side as you pass. This can give an advantage in harvest times, particularly of summer crops, as one simply grabs down the line, and doesn't need to worry about corner or center crops. It's also technically a more "traditional" farm look.