• She is a nurse-in-training who works in Natalie's clinic and is the daughter of Gordan, the priest. She is a very shy girl who carries around a doll by the name of Fern. She gets very easily embarrassed and always worries about Cammy, her litle sister who is the total opposite of her sister. You can get char by fishing at Blessia Island - Center as you cannot make Salted Char which is only available to make in the second generation. She will marry Barrett if you did not pick her and has a son by the name of Leonel.
  • Birthday: Winter 2
  • Birthday Gift: Strawberry Jam
  • Likes: Char, Emery Flower, Salted Char
  • Dislikes: Insect Skin
  • Proposal Item: Blessing Pendant
  • Rival: Barrett
  • Default Marriage: Fall 17, Year 3

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