Winning the GameEdit


One of the various endings. It looks like the Marriage ending.

There are several endings to Harvest Moon. Here are just a few of the ones that have been discovered. You can have multiple endings, so don't just aim for one!

Lots o' Crops: Ship 200 or more of the same crop. You can get a unique ending for each crop in the game.

Marriage: Depending on who you marry, you will get a unique scene with the lady of your choice. Each one is different.

Abandon Farm: If you have no animals, ship no crops, don't get married, and accomplish pretty much anything you will get this ending.

Chickens: An ending you obtain when you have 4 or more chickens.

Cows: Same as chicken, have 4 or more cows.

Casanova: Get all girls to 5 hearts in their diaries and don't get married. You'll strut around town getting a little something from all the ladies.

Routine: You must have a lot of cows and chickens to get this ending.

First Born: Have one child to get this ending.

Children: Have two kids.

Mootastic: Treat at least one cow well, with a high affection rating you get this ending.

The Single Life: Don't get married, and have at least 100 happiness.

Happiness: Have at least 800 happiness.

Ultimate Ending: You must be married, have two kids, obtained all power berries, high happiness level, at least one of each animal, at least 10,000G, and hugged your dog at least 100 times.

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