Eunnice ( RFF )

Eunice is a pretty girl and kind of easy to get married. However, because her father is fat, she is obese as well. Poor Eunice! But it'll take a while for her to get skinny.

Appearence(Clothes, etc.) Edit

Eunice has green hair and maybe she wears glasses like Lettuce Midorikawa from Tokyo Mew Mew. She is wearing in some usual inn clothes, and she is, at first, fat.

But later, as you progress, you will notice a slight change with her obesity.

Favorites Edit

1. First of all, she LOVES Roasted Chestnuts. She says that it "tastes so good."

2. She likes deserts- anything you know with sugar and sweetness! Maybe some cake will do.

3. As she gets skinnier, she will prefer to eat some fruits and vegetables. But not all fruits and vegetables! She will still like some sweets, but she'll tell you that she won't eat a lot of sweets since your offering to go on a diet.

Marriage Requirements Edit

1. Meet her!

While giving something to Turner at the inn, you will see a anime-version little show showing Raguna meeting Eunice. This is your first requirement.

2. Raise her Love Points a little for the next requirement.

Give her some of her favorite foods. You'll see it in this page.

3. Time for her diet!!! XD

Finally, the day for her diet has come! But only if you did the second requirement correctly. First, you must raise her Love Points to 4 LP. Second, go see her when she is available. Lastly, she'll ask you if you want her to go on a diet. Say yes or whatever has to do with "Slim." Now everyday or every week you'll see slight changes with her obesity.

4. Continue Requirement 2. I don't know any other event, but check Gamefaqs and write it here.

5. Proposal!!

Make the Wedding Banquet and hand it to Eunice when she is at 10 LP.

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