Gaius personality is pretty laid back and friendly. All he really does is run the till at his shop or work with metal. He has a crush on Evelyn and even tries to propose to her but she mistakes it as a request for more clothes. He is also really close to Raven . He has a scar on one of his eyes from working with metal.

Battle Level: 15

Official description:

The town blacksmith. Loves forging

weapons and items. A dwarf.

Family: None

Birthday: Summer 12

Gaius's ScheduleEdit

All most all ways at his shop.

Gifts that Gaius likesEdit

  • Ores
  • Curry Udon



Stuff he says

(If he hasn't seen Micah for a while)

Well, if it isn't


You should come by the

shop more often.

Well, you'll have to

say something or I

probably won't

notice you. Ha ha ha!

Nice weather today.

Maybe I'll do some


I'm going to keep

forging even

when spring ends.

I'm going to keep

forging precisely

because it's summer.

Even if you fail, you

learn more by trying to

make something more


Although you still

get tired.

Micah: ...

Weapons have

a basic form.

No matter how powerful

a sword is, it still

needs to be made from


(When invited some where)

Okay. Well,

where should we dig for


(At Carlos 's birthday)

Today's Carlos '

birthday. I'm sure

he'd be happy to get

anything with fish.

Although I'm sure what

he really wants is for

his sister to wish him a

happy birthday.

(First meeting him)


Hello there.


Oh, hey. Umm... You're the one who's

living in the tree, right?

What was your name again?


Oh, yeah, that's right. I'm Gaius.

I think I mentioned it before,

but I'm the owner of this

weapon shop.

I just make the weapons, though, and

leave it to Raven to help sell them.


Well, just give me a shout if you ever

need a weapon!

Will do.

I just make weapons because I like to.

I don't have any great ambitions of

becoming a master smithy or

anything like that.


Hey there, Micah.

Oh, hi, Gaius. Shouldn't you be


Working? Making weapons is really just

a hobby of mine.

Uh... Really?

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