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Harvest moon for girls

Harvest Moon: For Girls is for the Playstation. But this game was only in Japan. It is said to be invented on December 2000 in Japan. The gameplay is exactly like the gameplay in "Back to Nature."

Introduction Edit

The blonde heroine- that's you- is on a ship. There is some man talking about how wonderful life is. You listen, but then the ship gets shipwrecked, and you drown. Next thing you know it, you are on a bed in a house. What are you doing here? The mayor of Mineral Town who is named Thomas, and Zack the shipper tell you someone saved you. They don't know where you live, so they let you live on the old farm in Mineral Town. But one question remains: Who saved you from the beach and why?

When you marry the bachelor of your choice, they admit that he saved you, and he was also the strange man talking about how good life is. This event will happen with any bachelor.

Differences Edit

  • You marry a boy.
  • Some parts of the story line are different.

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