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Hazel ( Karina mother )

Hazel is the mother of Karina and owner of the Diamond General store. She is friends with Marian's grandmother Marjorie. They both have girls that they look after that cause problems for them. She kind of neglects Karina by always working and pushing her to work at the general store but still deeply cares for her. She usually tries to complain to Micah about Karina but he usually makes an excuse so he wont have to listen. She loves diamonds.

Official definition:

The serious, hardworking owner of the general store. She worries about her daughter Karina's laziness.


Karina (Daughter)

Birthday: Spring 8th

Weapon: Battle Axe

Loved Gift:


Liked Gift:

Green Vegetables

When wearing liked perfume:

Oh, that's a nice scent.

Are you wearing cologne?

Maybe we should start selling cologne.

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