• Loves: Lumber, Seafood.
  • Likes: Vegetables, Fruits, Mushrooms, Eggs, Milk, Fish, Gemstones, Jeweled Accessories, Vegetable/Egg Cooking.
  • Accepts: Flowers, Fodder, Seasonings, Portable/Dairy Cooking, Dairy 
  • Products, Dessert, Juice, Honey.

 Joe is the younger brother of Kurt. He works at Woody's Carpentry as an apprentice, along with his younger brother. Unlike Kurt, he's more outgoing and cheerful. He loves to fish. When he's not working, he can be seen fishing at Mallard Lake. Every now and then, you can find him looking for great fishing rods at Louis's Shop. Though, he's not really good when it comes to fishing, but he tried his best to save Leaf Valley through doing the field he knew he was familiar with. Alongside with Kurt, he has a great future waiting for him in the valley.

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