(picture on the way!)

Description: He has a straight forward personality and likes physical activities. He loves his horses and this started as a young boy. His dad has left to go and find the best horse in the world. Kana only loves the things he likes and makes it plain when he is upset. Kana is a very easy person to propose becoming a wife to because he has no close friends and family meaning you don't have to befriend them too!

Birthday: Summer 13

Likes: horse treats, flowers, sashimi, fish dishes and spicy curry is the best for him

Favorite date places: The Grove, Kana's place, Under the tree

Dislikes: fodder, chicken feed, milk, eggs, pet food, spaghetti , mushrooms, weeds

Date times: Tuesday EVENING  after his work and Friday and Saturday afternoons or evenings. Note: If there has been a festival or celebration going on you can't get a date with him. It's sad, but the truth he is always too elated!

(I hope you get to marry him! Good Luck!)

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