Karina is a very lazy girl that works with her mother at the Diamond General Store. She's best friends with Raven and Sofia and will hang out with them at festivals. Her mother often pressures her into running the store which causes her to run away and sort of resent her. Later on She'll give up on running away and confront her mother about spending more time with the store than with her. She'll run the store more at the end of the game and sell things at the store from the city (Micah can't buy them) Shes in charge of picking up the thing that you want to sell in the shipping box and dropping off the money. She loves any rings or brooches made by gems, besides Diamonds which she hates. She likes fashion.


"Unbelievably lazy girl who works at the general store. She's usually napping on the job."


  • Winter 4



  • She uses magic attacks

When wearing liked Cologne:

Oh, Micah?

(Something smells


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