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Here you can find some information about the two protagonists of Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny. One is male and another is female. Their names are Aden and Sonja, respectively. You need to play as Aden and finish the storyline before you're given an option to continue play as Aden or to play as Sonja.

Aden (Azel)Edit



Gender: Male


Is Sonja's childhood friend, and is the character you play during the main plot in the game. Because he is Sonja's childhood friend, he is protective of her and works hard to try and find her body. He gets jealous if Sonja courts any boy besides him.

Aden's canon weapons are his twin blades, which he believes they are more useful than a shield because they are unwieldy and cumbersome. He can also use longswords, spears, and katanas. Aden is also skilled in magic.

Like most of the main characters in the Rune Factory franchise, Aden is an Earthmate, which allows him to be highly skilled in growing crops. It is stated in the beginning of the game, that he was in charge of helping the farmers to grow their crops. He can cause plants to sprout with a wooden stick imbued with Earth Magic.

Birthday: Fall 14


Favorite: Sushi

Like(s): All rice dishes excluding porridge and risottos

Dislike(s): Cold Medicine

Sonja (Sonia)Edit



Gender: Female


The second playable character in Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny. Her soul was sucked into Aden's body when they had been transported 200 years into the future, thus making her un-playable until the main plot is complete.

She is Aden's childhood friend, and obviously cares a lot about him. She will get jealous is Aden courts any other girl, but is more tolerant than Aden is to her courting other boys.

She enjoys cooking and had often cooked meals for Aden in the past.

Maintains a cheerful and bubbly personality throughout the game.

Birthday: Spring 13


Favorite: Sushi

Like(s): Sweets

Dislike(s): Wakame Seaweed

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