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There is a way to increase the amount of stamina that you can use each day. You must collect special berries know as Power Berries. There are a total of 10 Power Berries in Harvest Moon (SNES). You start the game with 100 points of stamina(SP) that can be increased to 200 points of stamina, by collecting all of the Power Berries. Stamina can be replenished by eating food and using the Spa. Here is how you react at certain invertvals of Stamina in the beginning:

100 points (you are fine); 50 points (you start to sweat); 25 points (you start breathing harder; 0 points (you collapse)

Each Power Berry you get increases your stamina by 10 points. This is also applied to the scale shown above.

List of items that can restore your stamina and by how muchEdit

Name of Item Amount of SP restored
Cake 50
Fish 10
Herb 10
Moon Flower 50
Mushroom 10
Poisonous Mushroom -10
Tropical Fruit 10
Wild Grapes 10

Snes powerberry Locations of Power BerriesEdit

  1. Plow your field to randomly find one.
  2. Plow your field to randomly find one (again).
  3. When an earthquake hits, go to the Goddess Pond. Chop the tree stumps around the pond and there will be a hole under one of them. Enter it and you will get one.
  4. Catch a fish and throw it back where you caught it.
  5. Go to the forest and chop up the tree stumps to randomly find one.
  6. When you get the Hammer upgraded, smash the chicken statue at the crossroads.
  7. In the fall, you will be able to trade a chicken for one from the Peddler.
  8. When you attend the Harvest Festival, take a large fish or full moon fruit and throw into kettle.
  9. At the Egg Festival, you can win one.
  10. During Winter, go to the summit and plant a Snow Flower seed to get one from fairy.

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