Raguna is introduced into the story as an exhausted, wandering young man who somehow stumbles into Kardia. He collapses in front of a house owned by a girl named Mist, who saves him, but misinterprets Raguna's plea for food and water by giving him a hoe and watering can. She finds that the tools looked more like his style. After Raguna is given bread and water, it is revealed that he is suffering from amnesia. Mist tells him that he should pick a name, wherein "Raguna" is decided upon.

Mist questions Raguna on what are his plans, but he realizes that he hadn't thought about what he'd do after he found an inhabited town. Hearing this, Mist instantly offers Raguna her empty house and field for him to use. Raguna, a little surprised, accepts her offer. Mist insists that he looks like a farmer, and tells him that the house and field aren't being used at all.

As Mist shows Raguna the farm, a monster suddenly appears on the field and attacks them. Raguna uses his newly-acquired hoe and manages to fight off the creature. Mist is impressed by Raguna's actions, and asks if he learned swordsmanship, but his memory makes him unsure of it. Mist then tells him that he can work the fields for free, as she somehow feels that he has the potential to be an earthmate.

From here Mist assures Raguna that he might be able to recover his memory while planting vegetables and taking care of the field.

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