Miyako Inn/Paradise Bathhouse is the Inn run by Pia, Sakuya and their mother Shino. Paradise Bathhouse is run by Pia and is open from 10am to 10pm. Going there will fully replenish all RP and SP points. Miyako Inn is run by Shino. You can buy items that monsters drop from Sakuya's Gift shop which is open from 10:30am to 6pm and you can buy Rune Abilities from Shino. Up stairs there are sometimes guests there that you can buy stuff from. Like Yue, who is from Rune factory 2, sells random items like crops, accessories, bread and spells. Mai, who is from rune factory 1, Can change your name. There are also others characters that stay there. They don't sell anything and you can't raise affection with them but you can give them gifts.

Here are some things you can buy there (I'm not sure if changes every day or if you have to get to a certain point. just like I'm not sure with the other shops)

Sakuya's Souvenir shop

Magic Powder-1040G

Medium Fleece-200G


Devil Horn-2160G

Dark Crystal-1000G

Earth Crystal-1000G


Wind Crystal-1000G

You can also get your fortune told for 800G

You can buy Rune abilities from Shino

A bath cost 300G

Power Wave-1300G

Dash Slash-2000G

Wind Slash-3400G

Flash Strike-9800G

Sky Hurricane-2100G

Reaper Slash-2700G

Stardust Upper-1900G

Tornado Swing-2400G



Special Concerto- 3800G

Delta Strike-1500G

Rush Attack-3800G

Blaise's Diner is run by Blaise but his 2 children Rusk and Collette live up stairs. It is open from 9am to 6pm. You can by cooking utensils and Medicine, Cooking, Weapon, Accessories and Farming Bread, which teach you recipes for tools and food if your level is high enough. He can bake a different amount of bread every day. Somtimes you might get bread that teaches you two recipes, they'll have a + after their name (Ex.Medicine Bread+)

Medicine Bread 160G

Cooking Bread 200G

Weapon Bread 350G

Accessory Bread 300G

Farming Bread 450G

Evelyn's Clothes and Furniture shop is a small shop run in the corner of Sherman's Sofia's and Evelyn's mansion.

It is open on Mondays, Wendsdays and Fridays. You can buy different clothing and plants there and more furniture that you can move around. It dosnt do anything for your house though. More stuff opens up every time you beat a dungeon and when you get married.


Table 2000G

Chair is 1000G

Stuffed animals:

P.Pomme Toy 800G

Wooly Toy 800G

Chpsqk Toy 800G

Duck toy 800G

S.Wolf 1200G


All cost 700G

Spring Plant

Summer Plant

Fall Plant

Winter Plant


Art Pieces:

Frog Statue 28000G

Face Statue 32000G

Snowman 14000G

Painting 100000G


Barrel 200G

Brazier 600G

Anchor 6000G

F.Screen 3400G


Big Ball 1800G

Small Ball 1000G

Rec.Player 6000G

Dice 720G

Clothes ( I don't have prices)



Cobalt outfit

Yellow outfit

Black outfit

White Outfit

Red Outfit

Green Outfit

Blue outfit

Purple Outfit

Wooly costume

Chipsqueek Costume

Heavy Armor


(None of these do anything for your health or make you do somthing special.they just look different)

The Witch's Cauldron is the medicine shop run by Marjorie and her grand-daughter Marian. It is open from 9am to 6pm. You can buy your Pharmacy there once you beat the first boss.


Recovery Potion 450G

Antidote Potion 540G

Para-Gone 630G

Roundoff 630G

Cold Medicine 1620G

Neutralizer 36G

Formula B 1980G

Greenifier 2700G

Medicinal Herb 72G

Black Grass 81G

Orange Grass 27G

Red grass 27G

Yellow Grass 27G

Blue Grass 27G

Green Grass 27G

Purple Grass 27G

Indego Grass 27G

White Grass 81G

Magic Tomes/ Staves

Rod 972G

Silver staff 31734G

Earth Staff 40050G

Wizard's Staff 55404G

Big Fire 3960G

Parallel Laser 4320G

Earth Spike 4140G

Double Sonic 4500G

Shine 5400G

Dark Snake 5040G

Cure All 5220G

Mediparalyze 2880G

Sonic Wind 2250G

Light Shield 2700G

Delta Laser 6480G

Screw Rock 2070G

The Blacksmith's is the weapon shop owned by Gaius and Raven. You can buy weapons and tools there. You can also buy your Forge and Workshop there. It is open from 9am to 6pm.

Fantastic flowers is the flower shop run by Well's and his grand-daughter Shara, Monica lives there too but she dosnt work there. You can buy flower seeds Magic Seeds and grown flowers. When Shara is there you can buy perfume from her wich sertain people will like (but I dont know if it gives you any more friendship points with them, they'll just comment)

Flower Seeds:

Grass Seeds 300G

Moondrop Seeds 70G

Toyherb Seeds 60G

Cherry Grass Seeds 120G

Pink Cat Seed 50G

Fireflower Seed 260G

Charm Blue Seed 40G

Lamp grass Seed 480G

Blue Crystal Seed 700G

Emery Flower Seed 1000G

Ironleaf Seed 420G

Clover Seed 390G

G.Crystal Seed 700G

Autumn Grass Seed 440G

Pom-Pom G. Seed 510G

Red Crystal Seed 700G

W. Crystal Seed 700G

Noel Grass Seed 330G

Formula A 600G

Magic Seeds:

Sword Magic Seed 4800G Fights with you

Jack Magic Seed 6900 Chew enemy to death, poisons them and makes so they can't cast spells.

Banana Magic Seed 2200G Makes monsters slip

Water Leaf M.S. 5100G carries around water for your watering can

Bombelon M.S 5000G Fights with you

Cactus Magic Seed 8800G Fights with you

Ironflower M.S. 7400G protects you

Lily Pad M.S. 3200G Makes so you can walk on water

Windmill M.S. 5000G blows air (dosn't seem to do anything)

Beanling M.S. 12800G Kills monsters and somtimes turns them into items

Antidote Herb 48G

Charm Blue 1792G

Withered Grass 7G

Cherry Grass 4816G

Diamond General Store is run by Hazel and her daughter Karina. It is open from 8am to 6pm. You can buy crop seeds for every season you can also buy certain iteams and ingredients.

Spring Seeds:

Pink Turnip Seeds 72G

Cabbage Seeds 90G

Strawberry Seeds 234G

Onion Seed 99G

Pink Melon Seed 558G

Formula A 540G

Summer Seeds:

Cucumber Seed 72G

Tomato Seed 126G

Corn Seed 117G

Pumpkin Seed 198G

Eggplant Seed 144G

Formula A 540G

Fall Seeds:

Potato Seed 81G

Carrot Seed 90G

Yam Seed 72G

Spinach Seed 54G

Green Pepper Seed 135G

Formula A 540G

Winter Seed:

Turnip Seed 117G

Leek Seed 108G

Daikon Seed 144G

W.Cabbage Seed 180G

Hot-Hot F. Seed 423G

Formula A 540G

Items and Ingredients

Rice 90G

Chocolate 405G

Wine 1440G

Youth Grass 675G

Flour 225G

Oil 450G

Curry Powder 126G

Dumpling Powder 72G

Magnifying Glass 1800G

Leek 1350G

Turnip 1134G

Cucumber 648G

Carrot 1593G

Cabbage 1728G

Pumpkin 4464G

Pineapple 5400G

Spinach 306G

Carlos's Resort is a fishing resort run by Carmen and her brother Carlos. It is open from 8am to 6pm.

You can fish there. You can request what type of fish you want to catch or just let them put what ever type of fish. You can also ask what fish that are in season for free.

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