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This is the story of Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns (NDS). Please add a photo!

Story Edit

There were once two peaceful towns. One of the towns was named Bluebell, the other town was named Kanohana. They were like neighbors- they liked the same things and they talked to each other. Everything was peaceful and just as happy. But then one of the villagers from one town and one villager from the other town asked each other something that caused a silly feud.

They wanted to see which town had the best cooking skills. They argued and argued for days! Because of this, the Harvest Goddess heard this irritating feud. As a result, she couldn't take it no more, so she decided to separate the 2 towns forever until they could get along.

Conclusion Edit

It's now up to your character to stop this horrible feud and bring the 2 towns back together again!

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