Your main goal in the game is to resurrect the islands that sunk to the bottom of the sea a long time ago.

The trigger to using the stones is the shrine at Meadow Island. You can't collect Sun Stones until Spring 10 or the first sunny day.

You can get Sun Stones from


  • Give 3 loved gift (+500) to Elliot
  • Give 3 loved gift (+500) to Vaughn

Travelling to other Islands: ( if you lucky )

  • Go to Volcano Island
  • Go to Animal Island
  • Go to Meadow Island
  • Goto Mystic Island
  • Go to Mushroom Island
  • Go to Lighthouse Island
  • Go to Harvest Sprite Island
  • Go to Verdure Island
  • Go to Mushroom Island


  • Harvest Sprite Island : The pond
  • Volcano island : The volcano

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