• Loves: Cheese, Bugs, Eggs, Cake.
  • Likes: Vegetables, Fruits, Mushrooms, Fish, Vegetable/Egg Cooking, Seafood, Dessert, Juice, Honey.
  • Accepts: Flowers, Lumber, Milk, Ore, Precious Ore, Gemstones, Jeweled Accessories, Seasonings, Portable/Dairy Cooking, Dairy Products.

Mischievous and energetic, Tim is obviously the youngest villager in the valley. You can directly tell that based on his looks. He is the younger brother of Bob and lives with him at Starling Ranch. Tim loves to go on little adventures and explore Leaf Valley. He is often seen catching or searching for bugs from some grasses. That's why, he is the only villager who loves to receive gifts like bugs from you. By doing this, you will also receive a bonus of 10G from him. You can often see bugs from trees when hammered or catch them with your net. He likes to uncover mysteries and search for lost treasures found in Leaf Valley that were yet discovered. His greatest dream is to be one of the most notable treasure hunter! Because of this, He was able to save the town and showed his treasure hunting skills to the people living in Leaf Valley.

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