• A travelling merchant who can be found at diffrerent places at different times in Alvarna selling her goods. She is a cheerful good who sells the gifts for the other characters' birthdays as well as other things. She always thinks of new ways to get money evident in some of her quests.
  • Birthday: Spring 9
  • Birthday Gift: Cabbage Cakes
  • Likes: Aquamarine, Daikon Raddish, Fried Udon
  • Dislikes: Squid
  • Proposal Gift: Yue Swap Ticket
  • Rival: None
  • Default Marriage: None (she marries the male rival of the bachelorrette you do not marry)

Other AppearancesEdit

Yue also appears in Rune Factory 3 at the Inn randomly to sell different items. Her stock is different every day and she appears to be slightly older, but is not an eligible bachelorrette in the game.

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